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Head Related Transfer

Head Related Transfer is the product of an experiment in spatial music to be presented as a site-specific installation. My intention for the experiment is to further my understanding of how one can use the spatialization of sound as a compositional tool. I had hoped to emotionally move a listener more than one can with a stereo speaker system due to the ability of a spatial sound system to evoke instinctual responses to sound from the listener more effectively than a stereo set-up. Thank you to Sova Audio for all the help with this project and Rupert Earl for documenting it.

Chad Worsley - Went to a Party b/w Living on This Island

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A single of mine released 8/5/20 online services. Click here or on the .gif to hear it on Spotify. I'll take this oportunity to thank all of the people who helped out or took part in the project in one way or another, your time and effort is very much appreciated, much love. Long live the scenius!

Gobjaw Zine: Chad Worsley - You Think You Need a Job

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A poem read at Gobjaw poetry night, illustrated by Frank Morris and publised by Spunpress. Big thanks to the Marta and Lewie for the nights.


BEACH is a short film made as part of The 48 Hour Film Project, an event in which you and your team have 48 hours to make a film from script to finished product. It was a long 48 hours but a right pleasure. Rather unwittingly for the team we won a lot of awards for it, I've got the official prize mug to prove it.

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